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Adrian Adams
Adrian, I like your no-holds-barred, like-it-or leave it replies. As a manager who always has to try and give a politically correct response, you often say how I feel. I particularly liked: “Reading my newsletter is like watching a scary movie, sometimes you have to cover your eyes.” -C.T.

I had to scour the globe but I believe your useful, entertaining & well written newsletter rates right up there with the car club newsletter I receive from New Zealand. -Greg M.

OH, MY. I always enjoy your newsletter but this one was a WINNER!!! I needed the laugh because sometimes I get so upset with people doing dumb things. I wish them the best with their prostitutes and drugs. You are right the dogs will go with them. -Theresa M.

While many of your replies are humorous, your response to the pit bull quandary was hysterical. The images conjured up in my head will last the day, along with the smiles. Love your style!! -Lisa I.

After 35 years in my townhouse, I moved into a single family home last year. No more steps! No more HOA! Yet, I continue to look forward to my weekly newsletter from you. Keep up the excellent advice with tongue in cheek humor. I love it! -Natalie M.

Your newsletter has been so informative and useful over the years. I just love it. Concise, well written, to the point, and usually discusses an issue we've had to deal with at one time or another. Thank you. We value your newsletter. I believe you've helped a lot of people. -James F.

Thank you so much. I am addicted to your newsletters. I commend you on your effort to educate thousands of board members and homeowners. -Azi D.

Thank you Adrian for your many years of the greatest newsletters, education, (many) laughs and superb advice. -Mike G.

I really enjoy your newsletter & I am positive your sense of humor (slightly warped) is the result of years of dealing with homeowner associations. -Cynthia C.

You have such a funny sense of humor. I read your weekly newsletter just for your hilarious comments. -Cassie T.

Dear Adrian, Thank you for the years of great information, insights and occasional belly laughs. I believe I am a better board member as a result of reading your columns and hopefully a better leader through your talented lenses of perspective. -Alison L.

Thank you so much for you newsletter, it has been so helpful and reassuring over the past years.  You are greatly appreciated. -Gary S.

Wow! I didn't expect a personal reply! Your newsletter is the most informative one out there! -Claire

Your discussion of an attorney’s bullying conduct as a board member (and probably in other environments) was terrific. As always, the discussion was concise, completely accurate, and will certainly be enormously helpful to lay people being threatened by one of “our own.” Kudos. -Joe M.

You totally crack me up! In this day and age where political correctness is often taken to the point of absurdity, you can still pull off some great "tongue in cheek" humor. Good for you! -Judy M.

If you ever decide to change careers, Adrian, may I suggest writing satire for The New Yorker? Even if the topics don't always apply to me, I know I'll get a laugh--sometimes from the questions themselves; sometimes from your answers. Please keep it up. -Lee H.

Your sense of humor is priceless! I look forward to reading your newsletter every week. Thanks, Roy S.

I love everything about your newsletter, graphics, tone, tenor, substance, generosity and sense of  self-deprecating humor. -L.S.

As always, your newsletter is superb. In an area of law practice which deals with conflicts oddly similar to family law disputes you are a voice of reason. Your good advice to Boards surely results in better governance, and happier owners. -Joseph P.

Thank you so much for your service. It is very much appreciated. I have a notebook just for your newsletters, almost time to get a second one. -Gary S.

Your recommendation re "Herb Garden" is a hoot! Your newsletter is such a painless way to get our dose of Association reality. Keep up the great work! -Nancy H.

Like, like, like your newsletter! -Gerry J.

Hi, I have been getting your newsletters for about four months and they are great. I'm a real estate agent. -Sue C.

I want to thank and compliment you on your terrific very readable newsletter. I anxiously anticipate it each Sunday. -Bob A.

Wow! I'm impressed; you actually emailed me back. Thanks again for getting back to me. Happy trails and keep those newsletters coming they are just so full of great information and humor, love them. -Judy H.

Really enjoy your Newsletters. Thank you! Your remarks always manage to put a smile on my face. -Delight O.

I am an avid fan of your newsletter. I look forward to it as my Sunday paper. I just wanted to extend my gratitude to your website as well. -Zac Z.

Thanks for writing such an entertaining and informative newsletter -Nancy H.

I love your newsletter and keep everyone one in an electronic file so I can refer to them should future problems arise. You have hit on so many areas/problems that our HOA has experienced. -Linda D.

Thank you so much for your helping HOAs muddle through the treacherous waters of CC&Rs and Owner/Tenant issues. -Rob C.

Great newsletters week after week! Looking forward to what will be coming in 2014. Thank you and best wishes to all at the firm. -Joe B.

Thanks for another year of your great newsletter. I wish you, your family, and your coworkers a happy and healthy new year! -Gary V.

Your recent message of thanks to your newsletter followers prompts me to return the sentiment. I am a retired City Manager, as well as an owner of residential income property. This background makes me just smart enough to know that informed decisions are generally better than those predicated on other bases. Given that approximately 18 mos ago I was drafted to run for our HOA Board of Directors, and was subsequently elected to the Board, I find your newsletter, it myriad contents, sound advice and humor to be invaluable. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful holiday season and New Years. -Mark W.

"As the President promised, 'If you like your governing documents, you can keep your governing documents. Period.'" hahahahaha- I just LOVE this newsletter! Who knew HOA stuff could be fun! -Sandi F.

Personal agenda disorder? I can’t stop laughing! -Lorna L.

Your articles are always very informative and I enjoy not only reading them each week but frequently refer back to them. I, for one, would like to see your weekly letter expand in to a quarterly workshop. I think you would have very good attendance. -Max M.

As usual GREAT newsletter. After almost forty years of dual citizenship in two single family home CIDs, your feature “Buying A Condo” really applies to all CIDs. -Bob P.

Your article about buying a condo was OUTSTANDING! Thank you for a wonderful, informative article. -Ellen M.

Someone sent your write-up concerning things to beware of when looking at purchasing a condo, and I love your writing style. Even if it hadn’t been so entertaining, the content was very much on point. -Bett M.

I'm a long time reader of your newsletter and highly recommend it to my fellow board members. You provide great (and witty!) coverage of the issues. -Phil N.

I truly appreciate your wicked humor and your very useful comments on life in an HOA. -Ron V.

Thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor! As a long-time HOA Board member, I find all the newsletters informative. Thanks, Patti S.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your newsletter, which is a great service to its readers. -John L.

Thank you for your weekly newsletter. It is very informative and sometimes very humorous. I look forward to it each Sunday. -Gloria F.

As always, practical information delivered with a sense of humor - wonderful combination for us in the trenches. -John C.

Always fun and helpful to read your Newsletter. -Jean M.

Greatly appreciate your e-newsletter. Its one of the few must reads for me. -Henry C.

Your newsletters have stopped this small association from collapsing. You have saved us a lot of money. -Ursula F.

As a homeowner and Committee Member for our HOA over the past 6 years, I read your Davis-Stirling periodic information with keen interest. Your statement that you are "Serving California's Community Associations" is spot-on ... it provides board members, committee members AND all homeowners with not only keen insight to the laws but also the common sense approach to implementing often contentious rules. Mediation of problems, before having to take court action, is the most desirable way to resolve issues that arise through lack of clear understanding on all sides. Thank you for being there for our HOA! -Maryann M.

I read your articles every week. Thanks for publishing them. -Merle D., Ohio

Thank you for your extremely helpful website and newsletter. We find it amazing that the newsletter frequently covers subjects which we are now, have been, or will shortly be dealing. -Katherine B.

Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and say that I read your column religiously. Thanks for all you do!! -Toni W.

I look forward to Sunday mornings, reading your column. Not only do I always learn something, but you always leave me with a chuckle. Thanks! -Aastrid L.

So much legal info. Wow! -Karen G.

I'm the VP of an HOA in Laguna Niguel, and I want to say that this Newsletter is one of the best things going. It always has useful and pertinent information for our community and its operation. Thanks for your contribution to good CID management. -Walt B.

I should tell you again how much your newsletters are appreciated. Additionally, having links to related documents to provide clarity (or backup) is very helpful to the readers. The effort you make has good impact! -Steven S.

I love your newsletter. Who knew a lawyer could be so funny! -Jeanne M.

I don't want to miss your weekly newsletter. I look forward to them and have a special file for them for reference. -Helen N.

Both your website and Newsletter are amazing resources for those of us involved in HOAs. -Denyse B.

LOVE the newsletters--they're a big help to our little (37 unit) association. -Pamela D.

CONGRATULATIONS on another great newsletter. I was just introduced to your letter four months ago and wish I had known about it sooner. Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated and very helpful. -Al. H


Your column is an invaluable resource for everyone in our industry from consumers to vendors to professionals. Priceless! -Jan H.

I applaud your firm on the fantastic Davis-Stirling newsletter you circulate. I have found it extremely helpful, both as a board member and as a homeowner. Thank you. -Renae J.

The Davis-Stirling newsletter is the most widely read and respected one on the market. -Ernest G.

BTW, your blog remains one of the best – period! ALWAYS relevant, non self-serving, and written in plain English with the occasional bit of welcome humor/sarcasm. -Les W.

Adrian, you always make me laugh. That's not easy when it's about HOA matters! -Marilyn M.

Thank you for the very insightful newsletter. I find that it often echos the very same scenarios that we deal with in our association. -Neda F.

I am a devotee of your excellent newsletter and your common sense approach to issues. -Marilyn D.

Adrian, I've never wanted to meet an attorney. You, however, would be high on my list of people I'd like to have a beer with. Eloquent, funny, wisely sarcastic. Thanks for the great reading. -Linda H.

I'm so glad I signed up for your newsletter. It has made me aware of many new aspects of condo living, which is becoming increasingly more complicated. -Lew S.

You're awesome--your newsletter is awesome. -Paige B.

Thank you for your wonderful and amusing newsletter on HOA law. -Elizabeth D.


I LOVE your newsletter. As a 'newbie' it is most informative. -Helen H.

As usual, fun, enlightening and relevant. Thanks for this great service. -Terry C.

Many thanks for your always current and informative newsletter. Don't ever, ever stop!! -Ruth W.

I am a HUGE fan of your newsletter! -Heather V.


Adrian, absolutely love your newsletters. BTW do you live in our HOA? it seems every issue we have you know more about it than we do!!!! -John M.

Thank you for the newsletter. I find it most interesting & informative. I'm just sorry that I didn't know about it sooner, while I served five years on the board. -Norman K.

I enjoy your newsletter immensely and find something applicable to our association in each edition. Thank you for being a great resource. -Barbara G.

I receive your wonderful, informative newsletter every week. Thank you. -Renee B.

Just want to thank you for this newsletter! Adrian, your explanations are concise and you don't use legal terms that someone like me won't be able to understand. -Patsy O.

I really appreciate your newsletter–-countless times simply referring to your sound advice completely defuses an otherwise sticky situation. Your newsletter has prevented incalculable silliness and wasted time. I recommend directors Google your archive before discussing an issue . . . this has been infinitely more effective than those board member training video tapes. -Michael G.

Thank you for providing your newsletters. As a board member, the information provided is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful work. -Robert B.

Love and appreciate your weekly newsletter! -Bob A.

As always, thank-you for your fantastic newsletter! -Diane R

I really enjoy your newsletter. It's very informative and common-sensical. Bravo for keeping folks on the right track. -Allison C.

Thanks again for your extremely informative newsletter. We use it as an invaluable tool for reference and training. -Jeff F.

I have been reading your newsletters and learning a lot! Thank you so much! The subjects of a lot of the articles seem to hit just when I need the info. -Cindy M.

Thanks for providing your newsletters. When they come in, I stop everything and read the topic of the week! -Frank J.

Great articles all the time and especially this in depth and detailed one on the animals. My board members love reading these every week. Thank you for your service to the community. -Mike K.

As a property owner, I enjoy and completely read each of your informative Newsletters to which I have had a subscription for many years. Thank you. -Arlen E.

Your newsletters are still the greatest ever. -Michael G.

Always look forward to receiving and reading your weekly newsletters. Very insightful! Keep up the great work… -Michael H.

Thanks for your useful and common sense information. A true public service! -Larry G.

Keep writing your great newsletter. It is one of the most useful newsletters I've seen in the real estate community. -Jim H.

I really appreciate your weekly newsletter! The information, layout and readability make it VERY interesting and user friendly. -Kristine D.

Thanks for a great service in sending out your newsletter; I've referred it to many owners. -Maxine C.

Great newsletter. Someone in our association brought it to my attention about 6 months ago, and I now look forward to every issue. -Donald W.

Mr. Adams, believe it or not, your e-newsletters really helps a lot of us volunteer directors, as does your Davis-Stirling web site! Thank you for that. -Phil A.

I am an avid reader of your Sunday newsletters. -Steve M.

I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and always agree. You are absolutely on target. -Patricia A.

I just wanted to note that your newsletters are always very timely. Actually, they are uncanny in how they relate to my homeowners association. -Alice O.

I am continually impressed with your newsletters. Thank you so much for the education. -Ed A.

All your input helps in the learning curve of what it takes to become a tolerant board member. It is a pleasure to read you newsletter. Good job! -Jack S.

I simply want to thank you for your newsletter. This is one email that I look forward to every Sunday. -Sam M.

I enjoy the Sunday missives. I swear most of your requester's must be in my HOA, but it only points out we all share the same tales. I often forward them to my fellow directors telling them the tales by others should make us feel better as we lament our struggles. -William C.

I really appreciate and enjoy reading your e-mail newsletters. Funny, and informative. -Brian E.

Wonderful, thank you Adrian!! And thank you for the most excellent service that is provided to managers via your newsletters----I would be lost without it! -Susan M.

I look forward to your weekly newsletter! It gives a fascinating glimpse into what goes on in other HOAs. Every once in awhile I think we're not in as bad a shape as some! -Marsha K.

Thanks for your outstanding columns of interest to all who live in and especially those of us who govern our HOAs. -Bill G.

I have received a copy of your newsletter from a couple of people and found it very readable and very clear. As I am about to join the board of directors of our condo association, I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. Please let me know what I need to do to accomplish that. Thanks -Renee F.

I read and save every one of your newsletters. I never fail to learn something new in each one. I hope you realize how much good you are doing for novice board members. -Ed A.

Your newsletter is one of the best things for providing quick and concise association information. Thanks. -Rick S.

Even if the newsletter was not as informative and useful as it is, the oft-embedded humor would make reading every entry more than worthwhile. -Ron V.

Your well-written and layman friendly newsletter is outstanding and a terrific help to so many people. -Robert A.


Your weekly columns are superb. Keep up the great work. -Scott C.

Thanks for the Newsletter, always something in it of great interest. -Jean M. Love your newsletter - it continues to keep me informed AND amused - quite a feat in these trying times. -Leigh W.

Congratulations Adrian! I always read your newsletters and find them to be a wonderful source of information. I hear managers discussing them as well, and it is always positively. Keep up the great work. -Jacklyn W.


I avidly read your column and appreciate the information you provide to the associations. -Suzy K.

Your newsletter Q&A format is very easy to comprehend. Your followups lead me to believe you have an excellent research department. -Anna D.

I love the newsletter....lots of really good stuff. Thanks much, Milt W.

Thanks for the article about lawyers on boards--you made some GREAT comments. -Frank D.

Thank you for the great newsletter and website. It takes a lot of your staff time and we and our Boards find it to be a great resource and training tool. Personally, I look forward to reading it every weekend. -Mike K.

Great material. Worth reading. I also like your format. Thanks! -Paul H.

This is such an interesting newsletter. Not every topic is of interest to our HOA but many are helpful and spark ideas. Thank you for doing this. -Sandra F.

Please add my name to your list of fans. I have read your newsletter since 2005 and have brought several issues addressed by you to my condo board. I was a Board member from 2004-2005 and I am co-chair of our Disaster Committee. Your new web page is trim, slim, sophisticated, and useful. Thank you. -Harriett P.

These newsletters are great guys! Keep them coming. -Glen S.

You guys are so awesome! It's like ya just know when I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to, and then you sweet little Baklava's have it in your newsletter! SSWWEEEETTTT!!! Thanks again Adrian! -Rochelle S.

Thanks so very much for your wonderful newsletter! -Diane R.

I always look forward to your newsletter. Excellent stuff! -Trudy H.

I enjoy getting your valuable resource for HOA home owners. -Jon C.

I hope you will continue your newsletter indefinitely; it is a great service to the HOA community in general and in particular to volunteer board members who struggle with such a multiplicity of issues. -Mel S.

Dear Adrian, I have found your newsletter to be a wealth of information all year and feel fortunate to be on your mailing list. -Marcia G.

Your newsletter is fantastic, thank you very, very much! -Diane R.

Absolutely LOVE your Newsletters. This is a GREAT service you provide. -Kevin W.

I am a public interest attorney in San Diego, I get your informative newsletter all the time. Thanks. -Karin S.

I receive your weekly newsletter and very much appreciate the information, advice and expertise that is contained in them. I particularly like your no-nonsense, straight talking approach to issues. -Mark D.

I find your answers to questions exemplary. -William H.

Mr. Adams, as always you provide us with valuable information and I thank you once again for this service. -Peter U.

I have recently begun serving on our HOA board and have found your Newsletter a wonderful source of information. -Gene F. I'm an avid fan of your newsletter and appreciate your knowledge of HOA law. -Cecilia M.

I really, really enjoy reading your newsletter. It is so informative. -Ron S.

Thanks again for your timely and interesting newsletter. I had to chuckle over the one about the Treasurer thinking he did not have to report to any one, even the board! -Kerry L.

As a CACM board member and manager I want to personally thank you for your [newsletter] responses. It is much appreciated! -Lisa E.

Loved--truly loved--your piece on illegal alien workers in recent newsletter. -Jay L.

Thanks for all your helpful info over the years . . . our HOA was a mess and, with your help, we are now in compliance and actually have a reserve account. -Martha C.

Your newsletters are very much appreciated - "must" reading. -Peter L.

We really appreciate your newsletters and website. They are the best in the industry. -David M.

I have been getting your newsletter's for a few months and I can't begin to describe how great it is! -Bob F.

I LOVE your newsletters and thank you for them. -Sandra F.

Love your newsletters! -Sue O.

As a current board member, I really appreciate these weekly newsletters. -Connie M.

WOW...You're wonderful. -Connie D.

The board is very impressed with your concise and informative newsletter. Thank You  -Pat T.

Your information has been a great education. I pass it along to all the members of our board. -Hal G.

Your writing style is pure enjoyment to read. -Kevin N.

Your newsletter is excellent! -Maureen M.


Our condo association has been reading your Sunday newsletter for several years now [all Board members are required to get a subscription]. Thanks for a great newsletter! -Rob R.

Your newsletter is really a great public service. -Nancy D.

You are providing a wonderful service, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and finally, Thank you. That's five thank yous! Please keep up your work. -Ralph B.

Keep up the good work, I LOVE the newsletter emails!! -Laura M.

THANK YOU AND THANK YOU LARGE for this wonderful publication!!! I really have been educated with your help!!! -Ronnda M.

Your Davis-Stirling Newsletters are a breath of fresh air in the complicated and confusing area of common interest developments. Thank you for your dedication in keeping us homeowners informed. -Sam D.

Signed by a grateful reader of your newsletters. They are most informative and are communicated in general, layman's wording allowing me to clearly understand your interpretations of the law. -Lisa I.


I have really enjoyed your weekly newsletter. It has been a tremendous help during my tenure as President of my HOA! -Lori D.

I just wanted to say you do a great job. Attorneys generally aren't as direct in answering questions and you make it very simple, which it really all is, but boards seem to be able to complicate even the best of management plans. Once again, thank you for writing your newsletter. -Sheila G.

I want to thank you for the ongoing newsletters - in each edition, you seem to anticipate the exact issue our association is encountering. -Lin R.

Just a note to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated. We think that your reasoned and carefully devised newsletter is a big asset to all of us CID captives.  -Ken M. 

Wish I had had access to these newsletters while I served on the board years ago; very informative. -Roxanne V.

I LOVE your newsletters. -Brian G.

I love your newsletter! It has answered so many questions for me since I have been on an HOA board and even put a little humor in our sometimes too somber situations. -Arlene W.

Adrian, Your newsletter is fantastic! -Mike G.

Attorneys generally aren't as direct in answering questions and you make it very simple, which it really all is . . .  once again, thank you for writing your newsletter. -Sheila G.

I want to thank you for the ongoing newsletters - in each edition, you seem to anticipate the exact issue our association is encountering. -Lin R.

I find your newsletter both informative and enjoyable reading. As a prior Board president I think your advice on matters is realistic and wise. Thank you. -Ron V.

Very good newsletter, Adrian. Your response to the Board member is right on the money. Well thought out and explained. -Cecilia G.

This was so great, I had to let you know… JUST THE BEST. -Marj P.

The newsletters always seem to touch on some issue we are actually discussing at the time the newsletter is released, very handy. -Joseph L.

I just love the newsletter!! -Diane N.

Excellent newsletter – highly informative. -Shashi S.

Darn good newsletter - hope you keep it coming - Thank You! -Herb K.

I found your recent newsletter article titled "Lawyers at Disciplinary Hearings" enlightening if not downright refreshingly honest. You even reported that your own legal staff was split on this issue. If only all legal counsel were as candid with both members and directors of their HOA clients.  -Samuel R.

Thank you for your newsletters. I love them! -DeeDee G.

Truly enjoying the great information in the newsletter. Keep it coming!! -Linda C.

Keep up the good work with the D-S Newsletter. It is a jewel. -Mel S.

I really appreciate receiving the Davis-Stirling Newsletter, it has saved my sanity. -Barbara O.

I first want to say how much I appreciate your newsletters and your website, As a condominium owner, the information you provide is invaluable . . . Especially for a type "A" personality such as myself. THANK YOU! -Brian G.

I am an ardent reader of your newsletters. -Linda S.

Your newsletter and emails are wonderfully helpful. I head up the budget committee at a large condominium and want you to know how grateful we are for your generous role in disseminating information. -Esther B.

Our townhouse board receives your Davis-Stirling newsletter with great anticipation... it has been most useful in helping to steer the board in the right direction on several key issues. -Michael D.

This is a GREAT concise newsletter! Thanks! -Art M.

Just a quick “atta boy” for doing such a great job with the newsletter. The information is invaluable. -Richard S.

I want to thank you for the newsletter that I look forward to receiving on Monday mornings. The topics you cover are always timely, and of great interest to managers and board members alike . . . and it's time I said "thank you".  -Carol B.

The newsletters are terrific and, for some reason, always timely. -Gordon M.

Thank you for the wonderful newsletter.  It's so helpful - much appreciated! -Mary W.

This is awesome!!! I enjoy your newsletter so much and I don't even live in California...(Maybe someday). I get lots of newsletters from law firms, and yours is by far the most interesting...and you don't need an attorney to give an opinion of what the content means!! -Nannette T.

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