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Annual Meeting agendas will vary from association to association. Following is a sample agenda that can be modified as-needed.



  1. Registration. Registration starts at _______ p.m.
  2. Call to Order. The Inspector of Elections determines when a quorum has been achieved. At that point, the meeting is called to order by the President.>
  3. Approval of Minutes. By the board, a motion is usually made to waive the reading of the prior year's minutes, followed by a voice vote to approve the minutes. “Is there a motion to approve the minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting? . . . Is there a second? . . . All in favor? . . Opposed? . . . Motion carries and the minutes are approved.”>
  4. Approve of Tax Resolution. excess income resolution is not on the ballot; it can be approved at the meeting by membership voice vote. Generally, no business is conducted except those items directly related to the election. See restrictions on matters that can be raised from the floor.>
  5. Reports.
  6. Nominations. <If authorized by the election rules, nominations are taken from the floor, followed by statements by nominees.>
  7. Close the Polls. Before the meeting. If polls remain open during the meeting, (i) the President can call for a motion to close the polls so the counting of ballots can begin, or (ii) the Inspector of Elections can ask if everyone has voted and wants to vote and announce that the polls are closed.>
  8. Presentation of Awards. present awards to retiring directors and recognize the work of committees.>
  9. Open Forum. Members in good standing are free to speak on any matter of interest to the community. Members must observe rules of decorum and not disrupt the meeting. Each person will have three minutes to speak. If they are in the middle of a sentence when time is called, they may finish their thought before sitting down. The time guidelines ensure that others will have an opportunity to speak. Speakers may not allot their time to someone else.
  10. Election Results. <Announce election results.>
  11. Adjournment. adjourn the meeting.>
  12. Organizational Meeting. New and continuing board members will meet after the meeting to elect officers and establish board meeting dates and times.

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