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It is difficult, if not impossible, to arrive at any meaningful "average" monthly assessment comparison between associations because of significant differences from one development to the next. The factors that impact assessments include:

  • Age of the Development: the older it is, the more expensive it is to maintain it;

  • Utilities: some properties are master metered for water, gas and/or electricity; others are not;

  • Insurance: deductibles and levels of insurance may vary significantly; in addition, some carry earthquake insurance and others do not;

  • Common Areas: pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, streets, parking lots, lighting, type of roofing, type of structure, quality of plumbing, etc. vary from property to property;

  • Deferred Maintenance: the longer maintenance has been deferred, the more costly the repairs;

  • Management Philosophy: expectations by the membership for extra or upgraded services for security, cable TV, concierge services, holiday parties, etc. (owners in Beverly Hills condominiums probably have higher service expectations than owners in Fresno);

  • Number of Units: the more units, the lower average cost per unit to maintain the common areas; and

  • Geographical Location: properties located on or near the beach have higher maintenance costs than those not on the beach; the same is true for properties above the snow line.

Recommendation: Each association as its own unique blend of factors. As a result, each should establish its own budget without regard for what other associations are doing.

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