Airspace subdivision
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In a typical condominium unit, the unit is defined as the air space bounded by the perimeter walls, ceilings and floors of the structure surrounding the unit. In an airspace subdivision, the "condominium lot" is a cube of air defined by a survey and legal description of the lot. Everything within the survey stakes is the condominium lot or subdivision condominium. Accordingly, all structures and improvements within the boundaries of the lot are improvements to the condominium which are owned and maintained by the owner (unless the documents state otherwise).

Mobilehome Parks. This type of subdivision may refer to the lots as "airspace condominiums," "airspace lots," or "condominium lots." It is not uncommon to see this type of ownership used for mobilehome developments, especially conversions from rental parks. Mobilehome park conversions are allowed under California Government Code §66427.5 and can be structured as condominiums, stock cooperatives or planned developments.

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