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The venue or location for board meetings is often required by the bylaws or the articles of incorporation to be "at or near the development." However, the governing documents are sometimes silent. In that case, the Corporations Code states that:

Meetings of the board may be held at any place within or without the state which has been designated in the notice of the meeting or, if not stated in the notice or if there is no notice, designated in the bylaws or by resolution of the board. (Corp. Code §7211(a)(5).)

If boards are meeting in obscure locations so as to discourage membership attendance, the membership has recourse by (i) electing boards that are more responsive to the membership's interests, or (ii) amending the bylaws to require that meetings be held in the development (provided facilities are available).

Offsite Facilities. For many associations, there are no adequate meeting facilities in the development and they meet at a local library, church, community facility, or restaurant. If management company offices are available, meetings can be held there.

Virtual Meetings. Whenever appropriate, boards should consider setting up virtual meetings.

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