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Cable TV. If associations have the technology available and can broadcast their meetings on a dedicated cable channel to the membership, they can do so. It provides more openness in the board's proceedings and allows members to more easily follow the business of the association.

Zoom Meetings. As a result of the 2020 pandemic, many associations adopted video conferencing so members could observe and participate in meetings via their computers. Some of the more common web conferencing services include Zoom, Webex,, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Live Meetings.

Master Recordings. Boards should record their publicly broadcast meetings and keep the tapes on file. Doing so makes it much harder for rogue directors and unethical dissidents to misrepresent what was said at meetings. Without a master recording on file, those who make private recordings can alter them or take portions out of context and put them on the internet. With a master recording on file, the association can expose the tampering.

Moderating Influence. Another benefit to broadcasting meetings is that belligerent participants may moderate their behavior, since their actions would be on display for all to see.

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