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QUESTION: Our governing documents require that ALL pets be kept on a leash when visiting on common property areas. Some have the opinion that cats are considered wild animals and the leash laws do not apply.

: Sorry, house cats are not wild animals.

Domesticated vs. Feral.  House cats are also known as "domesticated" cats. Although the house cat and its closest wild relative both possess 38 chromosomes, they are genetically different and cannot interbreed. If raised with little or no human contact, house cats can become feral. Adult feral cats that never socialized with humans can rarely be socialized.

Leashes. As for leashes, boards can adopt their own "leash laws" apart from any that cities and counties might adopt. Boards can require that owners not allow their cats to roam about the property. If owners want to walk their cats, boards can require that cats be on leashes when in the common areas.

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