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Anyone who contracts to perform work that is valued at $500 or more for materials and labor must hold a current, valid license in the specialty for which he/she is contracting. Section 7030.5 of the California Business and Professions Code requires that licensed contractors include their license number in “(a) all construction contracts; (b) subcontracts and calls for bid; and (c) all forms advertising, as prescribed by the register of contractors, used by such person.”

A contractor's license can be verified through the Contractor License Board.

Architects Calif. Board of Architectural Examiners
Asphalt Repair A and/or C-12
Backflow C-36
Concrete C-8 and/or D-06
Const. Consulting & Construction Mgmt B-1
Construction B-1
Deck Coating B-1, C-33 and/or D-41
Electrical Contractors C-10
Elevator Consultants C-11
Elevator Repair and Service C-11
Energy Management B-1, C-7 plus Home Improvement Certification
Engineering A
Fencing/Gate C-13
Fire Safety-Testing C-16
Gate Repair & Maintenance D-28
General Contractor B-1
Heating and Air Conditioning C-20
Interior Design none required
Janitorial none required
Landscape Architects Registered Landscape Architect
Landscape Construction C-27
Landscape Maintenance C-27
Lighting C-10
Maintenance & Repair B-1
Mold Testing Industrial Hygienist
Mold Remediation B-1
Painting Services C-33
Pest Control Structural Pest Control Br. 11, Pest Control Advisor
Play Ground Inspection & Maintenance B-1
Plumbing C-36
Pool Service & Maintenance D-35
Rain Gutters & Downspouts C-39
Reserve Studies none required
Restoration-Emergency B-1
Roofing Consultants none required
Roofing Contractors C-39
Security Services C-16
Soil Engineering & Geology State registration
Street Sweeping none required
Termite Control Structural Pest Control Branch 1 &111m B-1
Tree Service/Arborist D-49
Water Submeter Installation C-36
Welding C-60

Adams Stirling PLC