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Associations can control the cost of workers' compensation insurance by taking the following actions:

1.  Take steps to prevent injuries, i.e., safe working environment, proper equipment and proper training.

2.  Meet all employee notices required by law.

3.  Make sure employees promptly report workplace injuries. You should have a written policy requiring workers to immediately report injuries.

4.  Handle the claim properly:

a.  Give the worker a claim form within 1 working day of notice.

b.  Complete the "Employer's Report" of the injury.

c.  Prepare and "Accident Report." Immediately investigate facts surrounding the injury (get statements from witnesses and photograph the place where the injury occurred)

d.  Promptly notify the insurance carrier of the injury and notify the nearest District Office of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health any serious injury, illness or death of an employee related to their employment.

e.  Provide the claim rep with any information which may refute liability within 90 days of the injury (the claim just be accepted or rejected within 90 days).

5.  Work for an early return to work for the injured employee.

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