Employee Reference
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Name of applicant:                                                                                                         

Person contacted:                                               Person's title:                                      

Name of previous employer:                                                                                            

Telephone #:                                                  Date contacted:                                        

1.  What were the dates of his/her employment with you?


2.  What was his/her final salary?


3.  What was his/her job title and duties?


4.  How would you describe his/her work performance?


5.  Why did he/she leave your company?


6.  Would you re-employ this person? 


7.  What are his/her strong points?


8.  What are his/her limitations?


9.  How did he/she get along with other people?


10. Could you comment on his/her:

       - attendance

       - ability to take on responsibility

       - degree of supervision needed

       - overall attitude

11. Is there anything else of significance we should know?

Reference checked by:                                                                         

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