Good Standing Defined
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Definition. "Good Standing' is not defined in the Davis-Stirling Act but is generally understood to mean a member who is current in the payment of their assessments and not in violation of the governing documents. Those members who are delinquent and/or have been found to be in violation of the governing documents (following due process) are deemed "Not in Good Standing."

Where to Look. The definition can be found in an association's CC&Rs, bylaws, Rules, and/or Election Rules. If the definition is not found in any of these documents, the board of directors should add a definition to the Election Rules. If at some point the bylaws are amended or restated, a "Good Standing" definition should be included.

Suspension. Members of common interest developments in California who are not in good standing may have their voting rights and privileges suspended. There is is nothing in the Davis-Stirling Act or the Corporations Code that directors be in good standing to serve on the board. To add Good Standing as a requirement to serve on the board, the bylaws need to be amended.

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