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Signs & Banners. "For Sale" and "For Lease" signs are deemed commercial signs. While associations may not ban signs and banners entirely (Civ. Code § 4710, Civ. Code § 4700), they may impose reasonable restrictions for aesthetic purposes. Associations may limit signs to one per unit and require that signs be removed within a reasonable time period following a lease or sale. Finally, associations may prohibit owners and Realtors from putting real estate signs, flags, and banners in the common areas. (Fourth La Costa v. Seith.)

Condominiums. Because condominium owners do not have a yard for posting signs, a sign may be placed in the window of the condominium. Owners can be limited to one sign. (Fourth La Costa v. Seith.) Some associations provide a bulletin board in the mail room or other common area locations for posting sales and rentals.

Planned Developments. Owners may post real estate signs on their separate interest, subject to reasonable restrictions adopted by the association. (Civ. Code § 712(a).) The location must be reasonable and in plain view of the public. A sign that conforms to the provisions of Civil Code § 713 shall be deemed to be of reasonable dimension and design.

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