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Owner's name

    Re:  Notice of Hearing

Dear <owner>:

As you know, members of the association are subject to restrictions found in the governing documents. The documents also describe the board's responsibilities. One such responsibility is the enforcement of the governing documents. Sometimes this requires the imposition of fines and penalties against those who violate the association's restrictions. The board always regrets taking such measures and would prefer to minimize them whenever possible.

In this case, you are alleged to have violated: <list violations>. Accordingly, a hearing has been set so that you may have an opportunity to appear before the board to discuss the matter and/or contest the evidence. You may appear in person or submit a written response. If the board determines that a violation occurred, it may impose a fine (or daily fines for continuing violations) and/or suspend privileges for up to 30 days.

The hearing will be held as indicated below:


Upon timely written request and for worthy cause, you may request a short continuance to a new hearing date. 

Board of Directors

<or Managing Agent>
XYZ Association

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