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Registration. Associations can require members to register their dogs with the association, and they can issue special tags for the dogs. Associations can also require that dogs be vaccinated before registration and that owners provide proof of insurance for their dogs.

Insurance. Dog liability insurance is typically a stand alone policy if the owner does not live in a single family home. In addition, dog insurance policies typically cost $300-$1000 per policy, and insurance for some dangerous breeds of dogs is more expensive.

Adopting Rule Changes. In order to implement these changes, boards need to adopt appropriate rules. The rules need to be adopted according to Section 4360 of the Civil Code, which requires that at least 28 days before the board votes to approve the proposed rules, the proposed rules must be mailed to the membership along with an explanation of their purpose and effect. The board then votes on the proposed rule change at a board meeting, after consideration of any comments made by association members. Then, within 15 days of voting to adopt the election rules, the board must notify the membership of the results of the vote.

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