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Below are sample summary job descriptions for a condominium highrise. Each association should tailor descriptions to meet their own particular needs. In addition, an organizational chart should be created, especially for larger associations with a large staff.

General Manager

Manage day-to-day operations of the Association. Handle all aspects of Board relationships, legal matters, construction defect issues and general issues having a direct relationship or effect on the financial and operational aspects of the Association. Directly supervise the efforts and activities of the assistant general manager and building engineer.

Assistant General Manager

Assist the General Manager with the daily activities of managing the management office. The assistant general manager acts as the liaison between the general manager and the Board of Directors. The assistant general manager performs all the duties of the General Manager in his absence. The assistant general manager has direct supervisory oversight over the front desk, residential services coordinator, valet and maintenance-janitorial staff. The assistant general manager oversees the efforts of the janitorial staff, to ensure the Association's common rooms and adjacent areas are maintained according to the sigh standards required by the Association.

Building Engineer

Responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of the building, correcting deficiencies, performing repairs in all "common areas" within the Association, as defined in the Association's governing documents. The Building Engineer oversees and coordinates the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of all necessary building systems and equipment. The maintenance assistant and janitorial staff report directly to the Building Engineer.

Assistant Building Engineer

The maintenance assistant is responsible for assisting the Building Engineer in his duties and responsibilities. The Assistant Building Engineer performs semi-skilled work, in the care, maintenance of the Association's common area, under the direction of the Building Engineer. The assistant building engineer reports directly to the Building Engineer.

Janitorial Staff

The janitorial staff is responsible for the cleaning and appearance of all common areas, including, but limited to the lobby areas, corridors, elevator landings, trash rooms, restrooms, exercise rooms, and garages. The janitorial staff must practice proper cleaning methods to ensure protection and care of property and equipment. The Janitorial staff reports to both the Assistant Manager and the Building Engineer.


The painter is responsible for performing semi-skilled painting work, to maintain the appearance of the Association's common areas. The painter is responsible for performing his or her duties in a safe manner, for both themselves and other individuals in the common areas. The painter reports directly to the building engineer.

Front Desk Supervisor

Responsible for directing the activities and daily operations of the front desk and staff. This position has supervisory oversight, and reports directly to the Assistant General Manager. The front desk supervisor is responsible for developing the employee shift schedule, under the direction of the Assistant General Manager, monitoring and ordering supplies for the front desk and overseeing the ordering and maintenance of employee uniforms. The front desk supervisor also provides light administrative assistance to the Management Office as needed. The front desk supervisor also acts as the weekend supervisor, in the absence of Management. The front desk supervisor reports directly to the assistant general manager.

Lead Concierge

Responsible for the smooth flow and operations of the front and back of the building, smooth flow of valet circle traffic, and addressing the questions and concerns of homeowners, guests and vendors. The lead concierge directs the operational efforts of the valet department, by ensuring that guest vehicles are parked and retrieved immediately. The lead concierge schedules move-ins and move-outs, and coordinates the efforts of moving companies, to ensure they are abiding by the rules and regulations of the Association. The lead concierge is also responsible for monitoring the Associations surveillance system and reporting suspicious activities to Management. Lad concierge reports directly to the assistant general manager.

Residential Services Coordinator

This position is responsible for new homeowner orientations, Scheduling move-ins and move-outs, deliveries and vendor services, maintenance requests and follow-up. Additionally, this position handles the scheduling and coordination of the Association's handyman services. The RSC also handles the distribution of parking, bicycle and pet registration forms and decals. The RSC responds to homeowner requests for amenity services, locating and recommending activities or services of interest to homeowners, in addition to addressing issues/challenges that do not require the direct attention of Management. The RSC reports directly to the assistant general manager.

Front Desk Personnel

Front desk staff is responsible for front-end customer service at the building front lobby. Front desk staff is responsible for answering calls, announcing all visitors and contractors who visit the building, receiving and delivering parcels, and operating the elevator control system. Front desk staff is also required to perform administrative duties, in support of the management office, as requested. Front desk staff also assists with homeowner move ins/move outs as needed. Front desk shift supervisors and staff report directly to the assistant general manager.


Valets are responsible for parking and retrieving guest vehicles from the parking garage area. Valets are responsible for the securing the vehicles and keys of all vehicles in their care. Additionally, valets are required to open doors and greet all homeowners and guests upon arrival and departure from the Regatta Seaside. Valets control the traffic in front of the building and report. Valets report directly to the assistant general manager, and are directed in their duties by the lead concierge/lead valet.

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