Labor Code Posters
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Labor Code Posters

All management companies and associations with employees should make sure they comply with Labor Code posting requirements.

In late 2003, the California Legislature enacted Labor Code §2699 which allows any "aggrieved" employee to sue his or her employer for a wide range of Labor Code violations on behalf of all affected current and former employees. It also allows the employee to collect a civil penalty for a violation of every Labor Code section that does not already provide for a civil penalty. Additionally, an employee who prevails in a civil action against his or her employer is entitled to collect attorney's fees.

This new law may spur a lawsuits against employers unless Labor Codes (including meal period and break requirements, payday requirements, etc.) are strictly followed. For example, a class action lawsuit was filed against Amgen, Inc. alleging that Amgen failed to properly post information required by the Labor Code (Umbrasas v. Amgen, 2004).

You can view a chart prepared by the California Chamber of Commerce showing what information must be posted.

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