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QUESTION: Pre-lien notices must be sent via certified mail. What do we do if a homeowner lives in Mexico? Certified mail is not offered in Mexico.

ANSWER: According to the US Postal Service website, you can send First Class International mail and add a Certificate of Mailing. While technically different than Certified Mail, the certificate provides evidence you sent the notice. Since the return receipt feature and proof of delivery are not required by Civil Code §5660, the important feature in both Certified Mail and Certificate of Mailing is proof of mailing.

Registered Mail is also available with First Class International mail but is more expensive. Although the primary purpose of Registered Mail is the insuring of valuables, it also provides proof of mailing.

Therefore both the Certificate of Mailing and Registered Mail options should be acceptable substitutes for Certified Mail when sending a pre-lien notice to someone in another country.

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