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Sometimes plumbing in an older building can be replaced gradually. Following is a program implemented by one association:
Because our building is 35 years old, we assume a plumbing drain problem inside a unit extends to the entire line. So instead of repairing the immediate problem, we replace the line serving the unit and the units above and below. We allocate $8,000 per year for unidentified plumbing work in the Reserve Study. We attack the problem from the outside of the building wherever possible to minimize the inconvenience of repairs inside units. This almost always requires removal and replacement of stucco, but it is no worse than cabinet, drywall, painting inside the unit. It is much easier to coordinate work on the outside which means it gets done sooner. This policy has virtually eliminated weekend plumbing emergencies. -Mike G.
RECOMMENDATION: Before deciding on a gradual replacement program, boards should consult with a qualified plumber to determine the quality of the plumbing system in their development and the projected failure rate of lines. Depending on cost and failure rates and potential damage, boards may want to replace all lines at one time rather than gradually. Boards should also consult with legal counsel on the best course of action.

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