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Every proxy continues in full force and effect until revoked. Proxies may be revoked by:

1.  Written notice from proxy-giver to the Inspector of Election stating that the proxy is revoked,

2.  Execution of a later-dated proxy delivered to the Inspector of Election prior to the vote,

3.  The proxygiver's appearance at the meeting requesting a ballot to vote at the meeting and prior to the distribution of a ballot by the Inspector to the proxyholder, or

4.  The proxygiver sending a ballot to the Inspector of Election which is received by the Inspector prior to the Inspector distributing a ballot to the proxyholder. 

Death or Incapacity. A proxy is not revoked by the death or incapacity of the maker unless, before the vote is counted, written notice of such death or incapacity is received by the corporation. (Corp. Code § 7613(c).)

Ballots. Unlike proxies, ballots cannot be revoked once they have been cast.

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