Proxy - Noncumulative
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I am a member in good standing of this Association. I hereby revoke all previous proxies and appoint  <name>  or, if no one is named, the Board of Directors to act as my proxy and vote in my place at the meeting of the members to be held on   <date>   at   <time>  , at    <address>   , and at any adjournment thereof. My proxyholder shall exercise my proxy as follows:

I AUTHORIZE my proxy to vote as follows [SELECT ONE OPTION ONLY]:

 1.  ___  ABSTAIN from voting (use for quorum purposes only), or

 2.  ___  VOTE at proxyholder's discretion, or

 3.  ___  VOTE as indicated on the attached page.

Member's Name (PRINT): _____________________________________________

Member's Signature: _______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


................................ Separate Detachable Page ...................................


As my proxyholder, you are authorized to vote as follow:

        ___   <candidate's name>
        ___   <candidate's name>
        ___   <candidate's name>
        ___   <candidate's name>

[NOTE: The person designated as proxyholder must be a member of the association. In addition, proxies cannot be mailed to the association inside ballot envelopes. They must be delivered by the proxygiver to the proxyholder. The proxyholder must then attend the meeting on the proxygiver's behalf to vote as directed by the proxygiver.]

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