Pythons as Pets
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QUESTION: If our CC&Rs don't restrict it, can an owner have a python as a pet? A member found a python that got loose in their garage and the owner still has another one in his unit.

ANSWER: Yes, pythons can be restricted, even if your CC&Rs are silent on the issue. Normally, CC&Rs have language limiting pets to usual domesticated cats, dogs, fish and birds.

Undomesticated. A python is neither usual nor domesticated. Pythons can grow to 23 feet and weigh up 250 pounds. Even though they are not venomous, they can deliver a nasty bite. They are generally docile, until they're not.

Deadly Incidents. A large python can easily kill a person. In 2015, one nearly crushed to death a pet store owner before police were able to pry it off him. It was wrapped around his head, neck, and torso. In 2013, two young brothers were strangled in their sleep by a python. In 2009, a python crushed the life out of a two-year-old girl while she slept in her crib.

Recommendation: A prohibition can be accomplished by amending CC&Rs or by a simple rule change.

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