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Shopping Centers. Reciprocal Easement Agreements (REAs) are use restrictions used most often in integrated shopping centers. They are similar to CC&Rs for residential developments in that they are recorded agreements for managing a shopping center. REAs regulate the height of buildings, signage, parking, the number of anchor tenants, architectural issues, use restrictions, etc. REAs can restrict the types of tenants and uses. For example, it might prohibit non-retail uses such as medical/dental offices, theaters, gyms, and churches.

Other Names. REAs are also known by other names, such as:

  • Construction, Operation and Reciprocal Easement Agreement (COREA)
  • Declaration of Restrictions and Easements (Declaration)
  • Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (ECCR)
  • Easements with Covenants and Restrictions Affecting Land (ECR)
  • Operation and Easement Agreement (OEA)
  • Reciprocal Construction, Operation and Easement Agreement (RCOEA)

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