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Whenever the services of a management company have been terminated, the company has a duty to transfer records to the association upon demand. All records and association property must be released. This includes, but is not limited to:

Governing Documents
1.  Articles of Incorporation
2.  Bylaws
3.  CC&Rs
4.  Condominium Plan
5.  Rules & Regulations

Membership List
Current names, addresses, phone numbers

1.  Board meetings
2.  Committee meetings
3.  Membership meetings

Financial Records
1.  Budget
2.  Reserve studies
3.  General ledger
4.  Bank statements & check register
5.  Bank signature cards
6.  Delinquency list and liens
7.  Paid invoices and accounts payable
8.  Monthly financial statements
9.  Year-end financial statement (audit)
10. Tax returns

Personnel Records
1.  Employment contracts
2.  Payroll documents

Insurance Files
1.  All policies, past and present
2.  Any open claims

Vendor Records
1.  List of all vendors, addresses, & phone numbers
2.  All contracts, past and present
3.  All warranties

Architectural Records
1.  Building plans
2.  Landscaping plans
3.  Owner architectural records

Litigation Files
1.  Legal correspondence
2.  Litigation records, past and present

1.  Domain name
2.  pdf files
3.  Html and asp pages

1.  Common areas
2.  Vehicles
3.  Bulletin boards

1.  Operations manuals
2.  All records and property of any kind belonging to the association

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