Records Not Subject to Inspection
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The following records are not subject to inspection by members (see Civ. Code §4935) and Civ. Code §5215):

  • interior architectural plans of homes,

  • audit management representation letters,

  • board packets and manager reports, 

  • disciplinary actions, collection activities, or payment plans of other owners,

  • email between directors,

  • executive session minutes,

  • legal invoices,

  • litigation files and records protected by the attorney-client privilege,

  • pending contracts,

  • personal information, including social security number, tax id number, driver's license number, credit card account numbers, bank account number, and bank routing number,

  • personnel records (other than salaries),

  • correspondence between members, vendors or others with the board (unless a letter is used as evidence in a disciplinary action against another owner, in which case the disciplined owner has a right to see it)

  • records likely to lead to identity theft,

  • records likely to lead to fraud,

  • records reasonably likely to compromise the privacy of an individual member (Civ. Code §5215(a)(4))

See Records Subject to Inspection.

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