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All CIDs. All common interest developments are required to file statements of information with the Secretary of State. As required by Civil Code § 5405, every association, whether incorporated or unincorporated, must file Form SI-CID with the Secretary of State biennially (every other year) in the month of July. In addition, if the street address of the association's onsite office or the street address of the responsible officer or managing agent of the association changes, the association must file a completed statement within 60 days of the change. The CID statement requires the following information:

  • Address of the association's onsite office or, if none, the responsible officer or managing agent of the association;

  • Address and daytime telephone number or e-mail address of the president of the association.

  • Type of common interest development and number of units.

Incorporated Associations. As required by Corporations Code § 8210, incorporated associations must additionally file a Statement of Information Form SI-100, with the Secretary of State, within 90 days after filing of its original articles of incorporation, and biennially thereafter during the applicable filing period. Failure to file this statement by the due date may result in the assessment of a penalty. The penalty for domestic nonprofit corporations is $50. Corporate statements require the following information:

  • Names and business or residence addresses of the association's president, secretary, and treasurer.

  • Address of the association's principal office.

  • Agent of the corporation for the purpose of service of process.

  • The name, if any, of the association's managing agent and whether or not the agent is certified.

Failure to File. Failure to make the above filings can result in a suspension of an association's corporate status.

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