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Boards of directors should take care not to make statements that could be interpreted as promises to the membership of their safety and security. To minimize potential liability, boards should encourage members to be vigilant in their own security. To that end, boards should include in their annual mailings to the membership a security disclaimer similar to the following:

SECURITY DISCLAIMER. We hope that our security systems provide some deterrence to crime. However, the association can never be crime-free. For example, it is possible for someone to enter the property under false pretenses to commit crimes, for residents to commit crimes against their own neighbors, for guests of residents to commit crimes, and for employees to commit crimes.

As a result, the association cannot guarantee your security. You should NOT rely on the association to protect you from loss or harm. You should provide for your own security by keeping your doors locked; refusing to open your door to strangers; asking workmen for identification; installing a security system; carrying insurance; etc.

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