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QUESTION: The board installed security cameras but won't tell us where they installed the monitors. Can they refuse to give us this information? We are concerned that snoops on the board are watching us from their own condos.

ANSWER: Unlike larger associations that have their cameras monitored by security personnel, smaller associations with limited budgets turn to volunteers to monitor the cameras. This creates an unfair burden on the volunteers and suspicion among owners. Sometimes, directors take their duties too far and become snoops.

Internet Cameras. To avoid such problems, more associations are installing security cameras that feed their signals to a website. This allows all owners to monitor cameras at any time day or night by simply logging onto the site. The website is password protected so that only members can review the cameras. This enhances security and eliminates suspicion about inappropriately aimed cameras. Owners who see breaches can immediately take appropriate action. Your association should explore this solution.

Recommendation: Boards should consult legal counsel when security issues arise. Associations should send an annual notice to the membership reminding owners to take common sense precautions to protect their own safety and security.

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