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QUESTION: Does the specific wording of a motion need to be included in the minutes or just the intent of the motion? For example,
Intent: RM made a motion to decrease the dues;
: RM made a motion to decrease monthly assessments by 10%.

ANSWER: A motion should be "worded in a concise, unambiguous, and complete form" appropriate to the purpose for which it is being offered. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p. 104.) If motions are vague, they are open to different interpretations and disagreements. Directors will have different memories of the intended size of the assessment change and the effective date. It is also good to include some language explaining the purpose of the motion, such as:

Due to a significant reduction in insurance premiums and an unexpected drop in utility costs, the Treasurer forecast a large surplus in the budget. So as to zero-out the surplus, the Treasurer made a motion to decrease membership dues by 10% to take effect in the next billing cycle.

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