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QUESTION: Our association has a bulk account with Comcast. We have owners who are thousands of dollars behind in their dues. If a deadbeat owner has his unit rented, can we disconnect the tenant's cable TV?

ANSWER: Yes, you can suspend the tenant’s services. The tenant may be paying rent to the owner and expecting full service, but he is not entitled to those services if the owner is delinquent. If the tenant is unhappy about his loss of cable TV, he can take it up with the owner.

Some cable companies use outmoded technology and may not be able to cut off services for cable customer who purchase services in addition to the basic cable purchased through the HOA bulk contract, e.g., internet, premium channels, or phone. If so,boards have two options: (i) have the cable company turn off ALL service to the individual until he/she brings the account current with the association, or (ii) move the association's cable services to a company willing to work with the association.

According to reports we've received from associations, Time Warner has the technology and is willing to work with boards to suspend services. Comcast does not have the technology and/or is unwilling to work with associations to turn off services to delinquent owners. Accordingly, associations using Comcast may wish to contact Time Warner and other competitors to Comcast.

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