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Corporations Code §7911. Sale of Assets.

(a) Subject to the provisions of Section 7142, a corporation may sell, lease, convey, exchange, transfer or otherwise dispose of all or substantially all of its assets when the principal terms are:

(1) Approved by the board; and

(2) Unless the transaction is in the usual and regular course of its activities, approved by the members (Section 5034), either before or after approval by the board and before or after the transaction.

(b) Notwithstanding approval by the members (Section 5034), the board may abandon the proposed transaction without further action by the members, subject to the contractual rights, if any, of third parties.

(c) Subject to the provisions of Section 7142, such sale, lease, conveyance, exchange, transfer or other disposition may be made upon such terms and conditions and for such consideration as the board may deem in the best interests of the corporation. The consideration may be money, property, or securities of any domestic corporation, foreign corporation, or foreign business corporation or any of them.

(Amended by Stats. 1981, Ch. 587, Sec. 39.)

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