Types of Managers
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There are different types of managers and management companies. They can generally be classified as follows:

Managers. Individual managers can be classified into the following two categories:

Portfolio Managers. A portfolio manager is an individual who works for a management company and manages multiple associations. The manager works from the management company's office handling board and homeowner requests by telephone and emai.

Onsite Managers. An onsite manager handles a single association account working from an office at the association. The manager can either be employed directly by the association or be on the payroll of a management company.

Management Companies. Management companies generally fall into four catagories based on size. All will offer financial management services or full management.

Small. A small company has a handful of employees handling a small number of associations within a small region with a handful of cities.

Medium. A medium company has a larger staff and a region that covers multiple counties.

Large. A large association may cover the entire state and offer in-house maintenance services.

Mega. Mega-companies cover multiple states and may offer management services in adjacent countries. They typically offer internal insurance agencies, maintenance staff and even banking services.

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