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Starting January 1, 2020, associations are required to create a candidate registration list and a voter list. The voter list must contain every member's name, voting power and the physical address of the person's separate interest OR the parcel number OR both. The voter list must also contain the mailing address for the ballot if it differs from the physical address of the voter’s separate interest or if only the parcel number is used. (Civ. Code §5105(a)(7).)

Verify Accuracy. The statute does not require publishing the voter list to all members, only that members have the opportunity to verify the accuracy of their individual information. Associations can include a statement in their pre-ballot election notice that they prepared (i) a list of nominees and (ii) a voter list that contains each member’s name, voting power, address, etc. The statement must tell members how to verify the information and a specified time frame for doing so.

Inspectors of Election. The statute does not require the inspector of elections to prepare the voter list, only that they must retain it and correct any information within two (2) business days of receiving notice of errors.  Management can prepare the voter list and provide it to the inspector, along with any corrections.

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