Adams Stirling PLC


I applaud Community Associations Inc (CAI) members for their efforts to protect the quality of life for homeowner association residents.

CAI's "eternal vigilance" backed by grass-roots letter-writing campaigns has long been successful in protecting homeowner interests.

But why not get to know our legislators before we need to ask for their help?

I suggest each association organize an annual legislators' evening in the common area and invite their elected officials and their families out to a barbecue in the common area and give them each a chance to address the residents about what is on their minds and the residents to ask any questions they might have.

It doesn’t matter what their party is or how they voted on some previous matter, they still have something we want, their vote.

As we all know, a little kindness goes a very long way.

Hon. Lawrence W. Stirling
Senior Partner
Author of the Davis-Stirling Act