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Restatement Timeline. On average, restating a set of CC&Rs takes about 4 to 6 months. Some associations take longer depending on how they approach the project. Adams Stirling includes a complete restatement of the bylaws at the same time so as to provide a matched set of documents.

Initiated by the Board. Amendments to the governing documents must be initiated by the board of directors.

Court Approval. The Davis-Stirling Act recognizes the difficulty in obtaining membership approval. It allows associations to go into court and seek judicial approval if at least 50% of the members approve the amendments and/or restatement. If needed, we can prepare the petition and present the matter to the court for approval.

To accommodate all types of associations, we offer several options to meet your needs and budget. We have a basic restatement package with á la carte items that you can add as needed or you can purchase our premium package which includes all items listed.

Proposal. For more information or to receive a proposal regarding CC&R amendments and restatements, email us.

Adams Stirling PLC