Election Rules & Amendments
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Election Rules. All associations are required to adopt election rules that comply with the requirements contained in the Davis-Stirling Act. We provide the following:

  • nomination procedures
  • candidate qualifications
  • a method of selecting independent third parties as inspectors of election
  • rules regarding access to association media during campaigns
  • rules regarding access to common area meeting space during campaigns
  • secret balloting procedures
  • a ballot form

Bylaw Election Amendments. We can also review your governing documents and prepare bylaw amendments plus a ballot to send to your members. The amendments will do the following:

  • eliminate quorum requirements for the election of directors;
  • eliminate cumulative voting to create more conventional voting, i.e., casting no more than one vote for each candidate--the same election process used in city, state and national elections;
  • modify nomination procedures to comply with the new statute;
  • make floor nominations optional so elections can be conducted entirely through the mail if associations wish to do so;
  • create director qualifications; and
  • create two-year staggered terms for directors to ensure continuity from board to board.

Proposal. For more information or to receive a proposal regarding Election Rules, email us.

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