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QUESTION: A couple in our senior community is holding Bible study meetings in the clubhouse one night a week. It's open to anyone who wants to attend. Unfortunately, they advertise by putting fliers in everyone's mail tubes. Is it legal for the board to approve the clubhouse for such meetings?

ANSWER: There is nothing illegal or improper in allowing a Bible study in the clubhouse. It would be intolerant to exclude homeowners from using the facilities based on their religion. Some homeowners may be concerned that allowing a Bible study might lead to Hindus studying the Bhagavad Gita or Muslims studying the Qur'an. As long as space is available and they follow the rules, there should be no prejudice or discrimination toward any religious group that wants to peacefully gather.

Recommendation: If your association has not already done so, it should adopt rules about putting fliers in mail tubes, hanging them on walls and doors, and dropping them in front of doors.

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