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Associations and their management companies should continue to operate.

Executive Order. A memorandum by the Department of Homeland Security referred to in the Governor's Executive Order allows for workers needed to ensure continuity of building functions, including security.

Essential Business. Various cities in California have included the following in their definition of essential businesses: Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, custodial/janitorial workers, handyman services, funeral home workers and morticians, moving services, HVAC installers, carpenters, landscapers, gardeners, property managers, private security personnel and other service providers who provide services to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation to properties.

Boards of Directors. Homeowner associations need to keep their lights on and the water running. At a minimum, boards of directors should continue to pay bills and hold "virtual" meetings. There are a number of conferencing services available for boards to use. Here are some:

  -Amazon Chime
  -Google Hangouts

Recreational Facilities. For now, all recreational facilities, such as gyms, pools, spas, tennis courts, and playgrounds, should be closed.

I run a senior living community HOA, we provide meals, care, supplies to residents. We are essential services. Without us at work, we would be abandoning these vulnerable people. We have cut all non-essential staff, like leisure service/activities staff, but kept of or kitchen operation to feed them, janitorial to take out trash, and security to name a few. The governor makes no mention of assisted living or senior communities, but I am sure we are essential, regardless of what he thinks----we will be at work to perform this critical service to the, safely of course. -Chris A.

RESPONSE: Yes, you qualify as essential.
Thank you for your daily updates related to Covid-19. Just letting you know that according to the City of Long Beach, property managers are “essential” workers (in today’s newsletter there was some uncertainty regarding this). It’s addressed in 14.h. of their health order.  -Linda C.
An Order from Los Angeles County, which specifically names property management as essential businesses (13h). -Brian F.
The exceptions to the City Order in Los Angeles includes property managers who are considered essential services. A valet might be considered essential if needed to allow travel of essential personnel. Tennis is not advised since it is an activity that involves multiple people. Solitary exercise is okay. Thanks for the frequent newsletters. -Paul Y.
Our complex of 513 condos and about 25 acres of property has closed our office window. We are transacting business via telephone and/or email. We are a self managed community with a maintenance staff, security and office personnel. -Virgil M.
I am passionate about tennis. I have been advised by a doctor that playing tennis should be avoided. Everyone handles the same ball and even if no symptoms could spread the virus by contact with the ball. I suggest changing your advice that it is “probably safe” -R.T.
In our large Senior HOA, we post notices, minutes, newsletters, etc. on bulletin boards in our laundry rooms, i.e., "Canceled Board Meeting." Only a third or so of our members are on email where we also post. We do post with gloves, masks, etc. but no control on what happens after that. Should we be posting high-touch notices in the highly used laundry rooms? If not, how do we comply with the noticing laws? Thank you. Love your humor too. -Concerned Board Member.

You should continue to post notices. Sometimes, it's hard to protect people from themselves. By now, members should know better than to touch surfaces. If you think it helps, post a notice not to touch notices.
As a former HOA board member I consider your newsletters "essential." You impart a lot of needed info in lay language, simply stated, in few words. Keep it up! -Bud A.
What if we outsource accounting to an independent third party and they refuse to cut checks for essential HOA services such as utilities, insurance premiums, etc.? -Tracy D.

RESPONSE: Let them know if they don't start cutting checks, you will find someone who will.
Adrian ... our HOA held a very successful virtual board meeting on Wednesday. Our only hitch was making sure directors and members mute their phones when not speaking. -Norbert K.


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