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Content. Articles of Incorporation are only a few pages long and (i) identify the corporation as an association formed to manage a common interest development under the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, (ii) state the business or corporate office of the association, and (iii) state the name and address of the association's managing agent, if any. For more information see Sections 7130-7135 of the Corporations Code.

Filed with State. Articles of Incorporation are filed with Secretary of State.

Amending Articles. Articles of Incorporation may be amended as provided for in the amendment provision contained in the Articles. For more information about amending Articles, see Sections 7810-7820 of the Corporations Code.

Benefits. Unincorporated associations will frequently incorporate so as to establish the authority of a corporation (Corp. Code §7140) as well as the protections offered by corporate status. For more about corporations, see Corporations Menu.

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