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12-5-20. Adrian Adams will speak at an event put on by HOA Organizers. The free virtual event is open to any board member and homeowner who wants to attend.

The event features experts speaking on topics relevant to associations, such as an update on changes in the law, balcony inspections, insurance basics, waterproofing, environmentally friendly landscaping, etc. For more information, see ABCs of HOAs, and register here.

11-1-20. Rob Ward joined ADAMS | STIRLING. Rob is an experienced HOA attorney, both as a litigator and general counsel to associations. In addition, he is active in our industry as a speaker and writer.

For over 22 years, Rob has advised homeowner association boards on general legal matters and represented them in complex litigation, recovering over $200 Million in settlements and judgments. Rob has litigated throughout California and Nevada. If your association needs legal services, contact us for more information.

Partner Laurie S. Poole, President-Elect and 2020 President of CCALADAMS | STIRLING Partner Laurie S. Poole, CCAL has been named President-Elect to CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) for 2021, and will serve as President for 2022.
The College is the most prestigious designation and organization in the Community Association industry, with stringent criteria for even being admitted to the College.
11-13-20. Nathan McGuire, Esq., current Chair of CLAC, was joined by Edith C. Murphy of Hughes Gill Cochrane Tinetti, PC, to present Ready, Set, Go, Legal Update for 2021 at CAI BayCen’s live-streamed video educational presentation. Community association boards and managers had a terrific opportunity to proactively address the requirements of new California legislation and case law before the new year begins.
ADAMS | STIRLING and CLAC Chair Nathan McGuire to present healing session to CNC11-10-20. In the first of a series of virtual event collaborations between CAI National and local CAI chapters, Partner and current CLAC Chair Nathan McGuire participated in the Uniting Community Postelection 2020 session. The panel of national community association professionals shared their ideas to build civility and unity in their neighborhoods following months of political polarization, protests, and a global pandemic, and Nathan's 30-minute Live Q &A  session for CAI CA North Chapter began immediately following the 30-minute panel discussion. Attendees had a unique opportunity to invest an hour learning how they can build community and create neighborhoods where people feel safe and are proud to call home. This promised to be just the start of a very exciting series!
11-6-20. Senior Attorneys Jamie Handrick and Rob Ward participated in CAI San Diego's educational event Legislative Update & Almost Free Legal Advice. This virtual roundtable featured ten leading attorneys in our industry, where the most pressing questions facing Associations were answered real-time!
11-5-20. Partner Laurie S. Poole, Esq., CCAL and Alex Sohal, Esq. spoke at ECHO’s Livestream Event, The Road to New Rental Restrictions from 1:00 ‑ 2:30pm. The Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO) is a nonprofit membership corporation dedicated to assisting California homeowners' associations, providing assistance through education to homeowners' associations in areas like finances, legal issues, insurance, maintenance, and management. On January 1, 2021, new laws take effect that may require associations to take action. Laurie and Alex explored new rental restrictions, as well as other common leasing provisions, in this webinar.



Contact us to amend your governing documents to comply with the new rent restrictions required by AB 3182. Failure to amend your documents could result in the loss of existing restrictions on January 1, 2021 and large penalties by December 31, 2021.


Use our Election Calculator to create a timeline for HOA elections with dates and instructions for each key point in the election cycle. You can find the Calculator and a full menu of election information and procedures in our Election Menu.

For a list of county restrictions and health orders, see County Orders as of 11-28-20. If we missed anything, please contact us. Many orders contain detailed requirements. To avoid potential liability, boards should carefully review them and consult legal counsel on how best to open their facilities.

All associations must adopt new election rules to conform to SB 323. Elections conducted without compliant rules could result in voided elections, fines, and an award of attorneys' fees. We can prepare them at an affordable fixed fee.

ADAMS|STIRLING offers growth opportunities and excellent benefits. Call Adrian Adams at 800-464-2817 or send an email.

1015 Figueroa Terrace, Inc.
Alta Vista Park HOA
Bolero at Rancho Del Rey HOA
Buena Park Collection HOA, Inc.
Eight Twenty Community Assn
Escala Master Assn
Gold Country HOA
La Ventana of San Carlos HOA
Manchester Regency Assn
Morro Mixed Use COA
Nipomo Village HOA, Inc.
Oro Court Villas HOA
Parkmont Villas Townhouse Assn Inc.
Sunrise Meadows Assn
The Village Woods OA Inc.
Tract No. 3564 Assn (Westwood Village)
Villa Bonita Assn
Village Drive HOA
Vintner HOA, Inc.
Vista Grande Inc.
Westwood Park Assn
Woodlane Village Condo Assn, Inc.

WELCOME. We welcome our new clients and look forward to working with each of them.

Our Goal: To develop community leaders by providing consumer education, training, and legal services for commercial, mixed-use, and community associations.

Contact us for a proposal. We have ten offices around the state. To find one close to you, see our offices.

WEBSITE USAGE. The Davis-Stirling website is the largest of its kind in the industry, with thousands of pages of content. We are pleased to report that, in 2019, the site logged more than one million unique user sessions and over 6.5 million page views!

Adams Stirling Named a Best Place to Work in LA! For the second consecutive year, we were named among 2019's Best Places to Work in Los Angeles, by the Los Angeles Business Journal. This distinction is awarded to companies that meet certain benchmarks regarding benefits, diversity, satisfaction with management, their workplace, and supervision.

ADAMS|STIRLING Adams Stirling featured in CIO Bulletin's annual 30 Great Places to Work!was featured in CIO Bulletin magazine's 30 Great Places to Work 2018. The two-page spread covers the Firm's history, philosophy, and goals for the future. Read the full article here.

ADAMS|STIRLING is the home of Super Lawyers and Rising Stars in community association law.

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New Foreclosure Procedures
November 22, 2020
Big Changes to Timelines and
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Retroactive Rent Restrictions
November 15, 2020
Answer Hinges on Adoption Date

Director Kickbacks
November 8, 2020
Director Is Innocent until Proven Guilty

Leaky Shower Pan
November 1, 2020
Shower Pans Are Homeowners' Responsibilities

No Names on the Ballot
October 23, 2020
Some Propositions May Impact Associations

No Open Board Meetings
October 18, 2020
Small Clubhouse No Excuse for Excluding Members

Political Signs & Banners
October 11, 2020
Even Obscenity Is Protected Free Speech

Restrictions on Pools & Gyms
October 4, 2020
Each Board Must Assess its Risk Tolerance

Candidate Misdemeanors
September 28, 2020
Board Can Discreetly Add Manager Termination to
    Executive Meeting Agenda

Shifting Employees to Management
September 20, 2020
Streamlines Processes, but Doesn't Eliminate
    Costs or Liability

Election Timeline Calculator
September 13, 2020
Calculate Compliant Deadlines with Confidence!

Rent Restrictions Voided
September 9, 2020
Governor's Veto Needed to Save the Character
    of Residential Community Associations

Excessive Rentals
September 4, 2020
Regrettably, Owner-Occupants Might not
    Have Recourse

Campaigning for Office
August 30, 2020
Candidate Bios Are Information, not Advocacy

Managing Insurance Claims
August 24, 2020
Boards Should Consult Counsel before Filing

No Safe Place to Play
August 13, 2020
Board Meetings CanNOT Exclude Homeowners

Trump Signs in the Yard
August 7, 2020
Associations Can Adopt Restrictions, but not Bans

A Box of Cigars & a Letter
August 1, 2020
ACT NOW — AB 3182's August 6 Deadline Looms!

AB 3182 Rent Restrictions
July 26, 2020
New Barriers to Entry-level Ownership
    NOT in Californians' Interests!

Ballot Signature Verification
July 20, 2020
Not Required unless Validity Is Challenged

Out-of-State Inspectors of Election
July 13, 2020
Not Prohibited, and May Be Ideal for Some

HOA Inspectors of Election
July 8, 2020
Budget for More SB 323-Related Burden

Bicycle Masks
July 5, 2020
Should Socially-Distant Exercise
    Require a Mask?

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ADAMS|STIRLING seeks to improve the lives of community association members by (i) educating board members who oversee, professionals who manage, and homeowners who live in community associations and (ii) providing legal services to accomplish those ends.

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