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QUESTION: We have an owner who is constantly emailing and calling our onsite manager and management company with complaints. She is constantly threatening to sue the HOA and our managers. She claims the board gave her cancer due to stress, which she later admitted was misdiagnosed. She left live cockroaches under glass on a board member's front step. She tried to recall the board twice. She is taking up so much of our time and money the board can hardly focus on anything else. Is there anything that can be done?

ANSWER: I wish there were an easy answer but there isn’t. Chronic complainers make everyone around them miserable and burden the association with unnecessary management and legal expenses. Their misguided behavior adds to the stress already felt by directors who volunteer their time and energy to serve on the board. And they make it difficult to recruit others for the board. If their actions rise to the level of harassment and threats, the board can seek a restraining order.

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