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Commitment to Education. As part of our commitment to advancing community associations through education, ADAMS|STIRLING conducts seminars, in-house manager training programs, webinars, and new board orientations.

Reduce Liability. Managing an association is not easy. Boards and managers face decisions almost daily that create potential liability. The best way to avoid that pitfall is through education. This means knowing your fiduciary duties and understanding the law and your governing documents.

Topics. Since education is the key to reducing an association’s litigation risk, we offer a number of seminars and training programs. Those marked with * are approved for continuing education (CE) credit for managers. Following is a sampling of programs you can request:

  • Amending CC&Rs: When and How

  • Assessment Collection: A Common-Sense Approach

  • Avoiding Litigation (1 credit)*
  • Balcony Inspection Requirements (1.5 credits)*

  • Board Training (a manual on legal duties and how to reduce litigation is included)

  • Commercial CID Act: Permitted Uses, Key Issues (1 credit)*

  • Dispute Resolution 

  • Elections, Election Rules and Director Qualifications

  • Email and Social Media Dilemma

  • Embezzlement from HOAs: It's More Common than You Think!

  • FHA: Everything You Wanted to Know and Some You Didn't

  • Harassment - Sexual and Otherwise, Investigating and Preventing (1.5 credits)*

  • Ignoring Your Reserve Study (1 credit)*

  • Knock, knock...Who's There? Right of Entry (1 credit)*

  • Legislative Updates

  • Maintenance Band-Aids

  • Open Meeting Act and Executive Sessions

  • Rules Enforcement: How not to Get Sued

  • Secondhand Smoke and Other Nuisances

  • Security Issues and Neighborhood Watch

  • Strategies for Dealing with Aging Members and Disabled Warehousing

  • Water Intrusion & Insurance: Leak & Damage Responsibilities (1 credit)*

  • What's Cool in the Pool and What's Not (Laws, Rules & Avoiding Liability)

by CAMICB for Continuing Education credit for managers

Scheduling. Our library of topics is extensive and growing. CONTACT US for more information or to schedule a seminar or customized training program.

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