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Commitment to Education. As part of our commitment to advancing community associations through education, ADAMS|STIRLING conducts seminars and in-house management training programs.

Reduce Liability. Managing an association is not easy. Boards and managers face decisions almost daily that create potential liability. The best way to avoid that pitfall is through education. This means knowing your fiduciary duties and understanding the law and your governing documents.

Topics. Since education is the key to reducing an association’s litigation risk, we offer a number of seminars and training programs. Those marked with * are approved for continuing education (CE) credit for managers. Below is a sampling of programs you can request.

Titles in Red are Approved by CAMICB for Continuing Education credit for managers

Scheduling. CONTACT US for more information or to schedule a seminar or customized training program.


Board Basics. In addition to seminars on particular topics, the firm provides in-house board training on director fiduciary duties, regulatory compliance, the Davis-Stirling Act, and how to avoid potential liability. Following is feedback from an attendee.

I want to pass along a Kudo to our attorney Jamie Handrick for the board training session. I have been through a few of these and can say, without reservation, that her presentation was among the best. The materials were not overwhelming and the two-hour session focused on the issues that were the most important and relevant to this board. Jamie presented the material in an open Q&A style and sprinkled it with a sense of humor. She was able to personalize many issues to our specific board and situations that we are in the midst of. Frankly, this material can be pretty boring but this was a fun, interactive, and very relevant session. It was certainly worth two hours of investment on my part! One result of our interaction was the implementation of some minor course corrections, such as ensuring that our Open Sessions are intended for members only. And she helped us, I hope, gain more discipline in our email communications. We should be thankful for the professional, personable representation that we have in this firm and with our representative. - Director

  • Amending CC&Rs: When and How

  • Assessment Collection: A Common-Sense Approach

  • Avoiding Litigation (1 credit)
  • Balcony Inspection Requirements (1.5 credits)

  • Commercial CID Act: Permitted Uses, Key Issues (1 credit)

  • Dispute Resolution 

  • Elections and Director Qualifications

  • Email and Social Media Dilemma

  • Embezzlement--It's More Common than You Think!
  • Fannie Mae's New Lender Questionnaire (1 credit)

  • Harassment - Investigating and Preventing (1.5 credits)
  • Ignoring Your Reserve Study (1 credit)

  • Knock, knock...Who's There? Right of Entry (1 credit)

  • Maintenance Band-Aids

  • Open Meeting Act and Executive Sessions

  • Rules Enforcement

  • Secondhand Smoke and Other Nuisances

  • Security Issues

  • Strategies for Dealing with Aging Members and Disabled Warehousing

  • Water Intrusion & Insurance: Damage Responsibilities (1 credit)

  • What's Cool in the Pool and What's Not

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