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We amend and restate bylaws to provide associations with easy-to-read and understand documents. Following are some of the changes we incorporate into our restated bylaws:

  • establish ethics standards for directors,

  • eliminate cumulative voting to stop "proxy wars" and make elections conform to municipal election models,

  • eliminate quorum requirements for the election of directors so that elections are like municipal and state elections,

  • eliminate nominating committee language so as to avoid conflicts with the statutory self-nomination requirements,

  • eliminate floor nominations and write-ins so elections can be conducted entirely through the mail and eliminate balloting when elections are uncontested,

  • add 2-year staggered terms to create continuity and stability on the board,

  • add director qualifications requiring that candidates for the board be owners, not be in litigation with the association, not be a convicted felon, etc.,

  • add due process procedures for suspending voting rights,

  • add procedures for the inspection of records, and

  • put the entire document in plain English so it can be easily read and understood.

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