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Assessment Collection. Richard Witkin is well-respected in the industry for his extensive knowledge of assessment lien and foreclosure matters. As Of Counsel to Adams Stirling, he oversees collection activities for the firm.

Foreclosure Trustee. Prior to launching Witkin & Neal, Inc., a premier delinquent assessment lien and foreclosure collection company, Richard served as Vice-President and General Counsel of Fidelity Trustee Service, an independent foreclosure trustee. At Fidelity he supervised thousands of non-judicial foreclosures and conducted hundreds of foreclosure sales. Richard's expertise includes complex foreclosure issues involving mixed collateral, multiple collateral and after sale redemptions.

Author & Speaker. In addition to speaking widely on collection topics, Richard has also written extensively on association related  foreclosure issues with articles that include:

  • Summary of Board Responsibilities Under the Revised Assessment Lien Laws.
  • Summary of the Pre-Lien Requirements Under the California Civil Code.
  • Collection of Association Fines in Small Claims Court.
  • The Effect of Priority on Enforcement of Assessment Liens.
  • Summary of ADR and IDR Laws Applicable to Assessment Lien Collections.
  • Limitations on Foreclosure Under the Newly Revised Assessment Lien Laws.
  • Association Options When Faced With a Senior "Wipe-Out."
  • Senior "Wipe-Outs" of HOA Deliquent Assessment Liens.
  • Homeowners Association Delinquent Assessment Liens and Short Sales.
  • Association Options at Time of Foreclosure Sale (Including a Section on How to Bid at Foreclosure Sales).
  • To Sell or Not to Sell: HOA Options at Time of Foreclosure Sale.
  • The New Right of Redemption After Non-Judicial Foreclosure of Assessment Liens.
  • HOA Rights and Obligations After Foreclosure Sale.
  • The Basics of Bankruptcy Law and its Effect on Assessment Collections.

NOTE: Mr.Witkin is not an employee of ADAMS|STIRLING. As Of Counsel to the Firm, he is an independent attorney with a separate law practice that handles matters and clients having no affiliation with the firm, who also works on certain specific matters for the firm on a contract and case by case basis. His work is not affiliated with ADAMS|STIRLINGS unless the client has a current written engagement letter with our firm for that particular work.

  • UCLA Law School faculty member 1980 through 1987
  • Member of the United Trustees Association
  • Highest level of expert certification by the UTA and serves as an expert witness on collection issues in state and federal courts

  • Juris Doctor. UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, California
  • Bachelor of Science. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, graduated "with high distinction"