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Requesting Party: ____________________________________

Responding Party: ____________________________________

ADR REQUIRED. As provided for in Civil Code § 5930, an association or a member of a common interest development may not file an enforcement action in superior court unless the parties have endeavored to submit their dispute to alternative dispute resolution.

NATURE OF DISPUTE: _________________________________________



       ____  Mediation     ____ Non-Binding Arbitration    ____ Binding Arbitration

TIME FOR RESPONSE: You have thirty (30) days following receipt of this Request to accept or reject the request. If you do not accept the request within that period, it will be deemed rejected. If you accept the request, the parties must complete the alternative dispute resolution within 90 days, unless extended by written stipulation signed by the parties. (Civ. Code § 5940(a).)

COSTS. The costs of alternative dispute resolution are borne by the parties. (Civ. Code § 5955(b).)

ADR PROVISIONS. Attached to this request is a copy of the provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act describing alternative dispute resolution (Civil Code §§ 5925-5965). Signature of Requesting Party:___________________________

Date: ______________

I AGREE to submit to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Signature of Responding Party:___________________________

Date: ______________

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