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QUESTION: I live in a older condo. We just had a fire and it was determined the fire was due to aluminum wiring. Who is responsible for replacing or repairing the aluminum wiring?

ANSWER: Aluminum wiring has a higher risk of overheating and starting fires than copper wiring. The problem exists primarily where the wiring is connected to switches, outlets and circuit boxes. The responsibility for replacing aluminum wiring with copper or installing copper pigtails will depend on the language in your governing documents. Now that you’ve had one fire, there will likely be others as the building ages. If the wiring is the association’s responsibility and the board does nothing, it may find itself ensnared in litigation when the next fire occurs (especially if there are injuries or deaths).

Recommendation: Associations with aluminum wiring should have it inspected and maintained annually by a licensed electrician and should develop a plan for installing copper pigtails throughout.

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