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QUESTION: Can HOAs legally contribute to CAI's buck-a-door program?

ANSWER: Yes they can. The program is not a political action committee and does not contribute to any political campaigns. Instead, it pays for a consumer advocate hired by the Community Associations Institute's California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC).

Each year, 2,000 to 3,000 bills are introduced into the legislature and CLAC tracks bills affecting associations. CLAC is composed of homeowners, managers, and attorneys from around the state dedicated to protecting and improving California's community associations. CLAC members attend regular meetings where they discuss legislation and decide which bills to support, modify or oppose. They then work to educate legislators on the impact of a particular piece of legislation.

Through the buck-a-door program, associations contribute one dollar per residence per year to support CLAC's valuable work. The money pays for our consumer advocate, printing, postage, and other incidentals needed for CLAC's operations.

Recommendation: Boards of directors should build into their budgets an annual donation to CLAC. To make a donation, see Support CAI-CLAC or CLAC's Pledge Form.

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