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Upon request, associations must provide compensation information for all employees, including the general manager (if an employee of the association), in the format described below:

Except as provided by the attorney-client privilege, the association may not withhold or redact information concerning the compensation paid to employees, vendors, or contractors. Compensation information for individual employees shall be set forth by job classification or title, not by the employee's name, social security number, or other personal information. (Civ. Code ยง5215(b).)

Anonymity. Because the Legislature used the word "or" in describing how employee salaries should be listed, "job classification or title," the decision of which format to use is the association's when publishing compensation information, not the person requesting the information. It is clear the Legislature wished to preserve employee anonymity as much as possible when making compensation disclosures. It then added further protections by prohibiting the listing of an employee's name, social security number, or other personal information.

Management Company Employees. The right to salary information applies to employees of the association not to employees of the association's management company.

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