Election Timeline
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Following is a sample timeline for elections. Timing will vary from association to association as each adopts its own guidelines for their elections.

90-120 Days before Annual Meeting
Set date for annual meeting.
60-90 Days before Annual Meeting
Send notice of pending election:
-ask for candidates (provide director qualifications)
-set date for the close of nominations

45-60 Days before Annual Meeting
1. Finalize list of candidates and candidate bios.
2. Set date for return of ballots.
3. Set "record date" for voter eligibility.
4. Select an Inspector of Elections (often selected anywhere from 35 to 90 days in advance of the election--needs to be done early enough to oversee the mailing out and receipt of ballots).
5. Prepare official notice of meeting, ballots and envelopes.
30-45 Days before Annual Meeting
1. Mail notice of meeting, candidate statements, ballots, and envelopes.
2. Schedule candidate forum.
1-5 Days before Annual Meeting
1. Cut-off for Inspectors of Election to receive ballots (if bylaws allow for election to be conducted entirely through the mail).
2. Envelopes remain unopened but may be logged in.
Annual Meeting
1. Establish quorum (not necessary if bylaws amended to eliminate quorum requirement).
2. Meeting called to order.
3. Balloting (if voting required at the meeting).
4. Inspectors open and count ballots.
5. Results announced; also posted within 15 days.
6. Board holds an organizational meeting to elect officers.

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