Elite Warriors
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I responded to a newsletter question from Bill L. who signed off with an Army special forces motto in Latin. Readers wanted to know more about the motto. Following is a summary of elite military units and their mottoes.

SEALs (Navy). Established in 1962, SEALs operate on SEa, Air, and Land conducting unconventional warfare. They carry out clandestine, high-impact missions and special reconnaissance. Their motto, "The only easy day was yesterday."

Force Recon (Marines). Created in 1775, the entire U.S. Marine Corps considers itself an elite force. Within the Corps is a unit similar to the Navy SEALS called Force Recon. They operate as ghost units going deep behind enemy lines to gather intelligence and perform special operations against high-value targets. Their motto, "Swift, Silent, Deadly."

Rangers (Army). Formed in 1942, Army Rangers are rapid light infantry who perform airborne operations, raids, ambushes, and airfield seizures. Their primary mission is to engage in close combat and direct-fire battles. Their motto, "Rangers lead the way!

Green Berets (Army). Formed in 1952, Army Special Forces known as Green Berets conduct guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and subversion. Their training includes languages, culture, diplomacy, psychological warfare, and disinformation. Their motto, "To Free the Oppressed."

Delta Force (Army). Formed in 1977, this elite and secretive force specializes in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism as well as direct action against high-value targets. They recruit from Rangers and Green Berets. Their motto, "Surprise, Speed, Success."

Board Members (HOAs). Emerging in the 1960s, these elite volunteers oversee common interest developments under the harshest conditions imaginable. They have two mottoes: "Survive The Next Meeting" and "Never Again!" 

It should be noted that the only difference between board members and other units is that service members get paid, can retire with a pension, and at some point people stop shooting at them. -Adrian Adams

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