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Board Orientation. A "board orientation" is an informational meeting for new boards where directors meet with the association's management and/or legal counsel to (i) learn about the board's duties, (ii) receive an update on legal issues, and (iii) receive historical background information. As such, a board orientation does not require notice to the membership and may be closed. If, however, there is an expectation that pending legal matters will also be discussed with the association's attorney, a two-day notice of an executive session meeting needs to be posted.

Organizational Meeting. An "organizational meeting" usually occurs immediately after the election of directors at the annual meeting and is listed on the annual meeting agenda. It gives new directors an opportunity to elect officers. An organizational meeting is an open meeting. If it is not held at the annual meeting, notice of the organizational meeting must be given to the membership in the same manner as any other open meeting.

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